You know what really twisted when people tell you when your trying to lose weight or your on a diet they say

"Why are you eating that? Why didn’t you stay longer at the gym? Why did you eat so much? Why do you even wear that when we can see your fat? Why are you still fat? Why couldn’t you have been skinny? You are not trying your best because if you were trying your best you would have been skinny by now."

And your sitting there taking all of the harsh and negative words that they say and all you can say is

"Im sorry"

NO.STOP. It’s not your fault, and you know why it’s not your fault? Because YOU know that YOU are doing the best that YOU can. Like you go to the gym everyday or you are changing your food habits like eating more fruits and vegetables or turning down deserts or drinking more water. People do not know how hard you are trying to lose weight because they are not in your shoes.They don’t know how you feel when you lose or gain a pound or how you feel when you step on that horrible scale and see the numbers you want or don’t want to see or how you feel when you look at your self in the mirror head to toe everyday. It doesn’t matter what people say to you because you know that YOU are trying your best and thats all that matters. Please don’t starve yourself or become bulimic or anorexic because that does not help you lose weight it only hurts your body and your mind. Be proud of yourself when you lose a pound or when your turn down junk food because you are doing awesome. Don’t listen to those people because the greatest revenge is success. At the end of the day, love yourself and be happy. Your beautiful no matter what <3


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Yeah, join the club. You’re not the only one